UV/LED Gel Nail polish set for beginners!

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Not sure how to start with UV/LED Gel nail polishes? This is the perfect kit for you! All the products you need at once. Affordable and good quality applied by you! No need to go to the salon. Now with over 30% discount + FREE SHIPPING!


Set with a total of 12 items includes;
UV/LED lamp for UV/LED Gel nail polish
5 UV/LED Gel nail polishes of your choice
UV/LED Gel Base and Top coat
Nail File
Cuticle Pusher
Nail sticker forms for french manicure and more!
UV/LED Gel nail polish remover wipes

Item type: Uv/LED Gel nail polish
Quantity nail polishes: 5 bottles + Base and Top coat
Cured: LED or UV Lamp
Color: 12 sets with 5 colors. Set of your choice

How to use: