Aurora Chameleon Nail Art Flake Powder

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These aurora nail art flakes are outstanding! In 3 different colors and possible to apply in two different techniques. You can dab them on the nail surface to get a more chunky look.

Item Type: Chameleon aurora nail art flakes
Quantity: 1 box
Material: Flakes and powder
NET WT: 0.2g

How to use:

1.Clean the surface of your nails.

2.Apply base coat(White & Black recommended)

3.Apply another layer of the base coat, wait it dry (not totally fry), then place the powders onto your nails.

4.Seal it with top coat.


Can be used for gradient nails

Seal with a clear topcoat

You can also use them to decorate your home, cell phone's case,

glasses, made card, body art, etc.